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The Foot Pedal Eliminator is a wireless dental control system that allows a dentist to control all dental devices with an existing operatory foot pedal.

Why do I need the Foot Pedal Eliminator?

Too many foot pedals!

Too many foot pedals

With the Foot Pedal Eliminator, you only need one!

Eye and back strain!

Eye and back strain

The dental profession provides a lot of it! Twisting, turning, and focusing on foot pedals can be eliminated with the Foot Pedal Eliminator!



You don’t have to guess which foot pedal to use when there is only one!

Cross contamination: It happens!

Studies have found fecal material from contaminated foot pedals on our devices. Don’t let your patients eat it, eliminate the risk of moving contaminated foot pedals by removing them with the Foot Pedal Eliminator.

Clutter & cables!

Unless you and your assistants enjoy tripping over extra foot pedal cables in front of your patients, get the Foot Pedal Eliminator.

Keep the clutter in your closet, not on your operatory floors!